How to Choose a Laptop Guide | Which Laptop to Buy Best for Business Computers!

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How to Choose a Laptop Guide | Which Laptop to Buy Best for Business Computers!

It’s the current year and we all know what that means, Laptops everywhere. Which also means people wondering which laptop to buy so they can to, carry such amazing portable technology.

Today we will be delivering the best laptop guide, so that you will know how to choose a laptop best for business!

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First Step: Pick a Foundation (Windows,Mac,Linux,Chrome)

This is what the PC is built on. Most of the time you can switch from Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome. Though only a certain specific models can run Mac OS. Most laptop can easily run any version of Linux. It’s close relative – Chrome OS.

Benefits of Windows & Linux VS Mac OS

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It comes close between the 3. On one hand you have speed and portability, and on the other you have extremely easy support, features and can basically run all programs, this is Windows. The Operating system (or OS) we are all familiar with. Interestingly enough, now some people have only used Mac, and vice versa. It’s up to you on what platform to choose. They are all good. 

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Above is Chrome OS. Similar to Linux and Mac. It’s found on inexpensive and cheap laptops. These are great for students and on the go portability and long battery life.

It’s also a lot like Windows so connecting to Wi-fi, watching Movies, browsing the web is extremely easy.


Of course it’s the Legendary Mac Os. Above is the OS X El Capitan. Similar to iphone and Ipad. There is no Macbook touchscreen but it’s build quality and software makes it okay.

Best Screen Size, Keyboard & Touchpad

The best thing about the laptop is the keyboard and Screen. There are many features and keyboards and screen but lets go over the things to know about the keyboard and touch pad. Be sure the screen size and resolution is best for you. A higher resolution (more expensive) is better for graphic designers & Gamers.

The touch pad is important because texture can be different from one another. Be sure to locate the correct texture right for anything.

Now, to the Keyboard.

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Do you want a back-lit keyboard? The best laptop computers have that feature.  Make sure you have that in mind when searching for a laptop. It’s not fun trying to squint and see your keys at night.

Some keyboards offer keypads and others don’t. If that is something that’s perfect for you, then make sure it offers the keypad in the image or description.

Another feature keyboards have that others don’t, if you are searching for a business laptop, consider getting a pointing stick so that you can move around without moving your hands off the keyboard.

Specifications – How Fast

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It’s time to pick a team. Don’t worry you basically only have 2 choices. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) or Intel (..Intel). Of course they’re some differences, but we think AMD is better.

Though, if not on a budget, then Intel is the way to go .

Intel usually has better graphics and power. The downside is most of their processors are expensive.

AMD offers low priced CPU’s but deliver almost the same high quality graphics as Intel but at half the price. In addition, for businesses AMD offers excellent threading capabilities so that you can load and work on spreadsheets faster with less hassle.

So 8 out of 10 times, AMD is the best CPU processor for your laptop for businesses. If you want a gaming laptop, then Intel might be a better choice.

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To Conclude

With this information, you can be sure you will be more knowledgeable when choosing a new laptop. The hard drive space is important don’t forget to get a decent sized hard drive. 500GB is probably enough, but 1-2TB will be best.

Basically you’ll want to choose between AMD or Intel, then find a good battery life, and match it up with the perfect screen size and resolution for you.

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