5 Reasons to Buy an Xbox One S 1TB Gaming Console

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5 Reasons to Buy an Xbox One S 1TB Gaming Console

We all know the Xbox One is clearly the best gaming console out there, however, some people still cannot understand the power of the Xbox One and its Capabilities, therefore, this article will give readers a glimpse as to why the Xbox One Gaming Console is the console to buy for sure.

  1. Halo

Yes, Halo is one of the best games every created. Halo 2 has created a timeline where no other game will be as good as that game. From the multiplayer, to Campaign, and online Mods Halo 2 is the best gaming ever. However, Halo has come a long way since then, and actually are under new management called 343 industries. They are still pretty good at making Halo a great game to play. It does have a more Call of Duty style to the game, but other than that the game is impeccable.

Halo Xbox One Title Image

The Only game that comes close to Halo is Battlefield 1.

Battlefield is a great game, excellent graphics and insane realism, the game has it all. However it just doesn’t come close to the way Halo delivers. Halo delivers crazy action and insane awesome capabilities to upgradable guns and armor. This game is amazing on the Xbox One.

  1. Exclusives

Speaking of games, Xbox One has over 300 exclusives games currently and still counting, which is insane. Yes, it does have an overwhelming since of mobility but don’t worry, most games can be downloaded. That way all your exclusive titles can be safe in the virtual world. Take gaming mobile, with downloadable games, you can now take your games wherever you go. Take Halo, Battlefield 1, GTA (Grand Theft Auto), and more wherever you go. There is no other console that has amazing Exclusives, games and Accessories. It’s really that simple.

TV, Tv, Tv and more Tv. This gaming console will provide tv direct to your television so that you do not have to switch back and forth from HDMI to cable every time you want to watch tv. This is an incredible feature that the Xbox One has come out with. So one second you are taking over an oil field in Battlefield, and in the next second you are watching “My Cat from Hell” on Animal Planet. How? Well this is the power of the Xbox One. Games and Television make a good combination.


  1. Apps

Not to be confused with Appetizers, Apps or Applications are incredible on the Xbox, Stream your favorite movies, and watch your favorite TV shows on the Xbox One with the Netflix and other TV apps. What is really cool about this Xbox is that it uses Apps from the Microsoft store itself. Therefore you have thousands of Apps to choose from to keep you addiction to gaming and virtual applications alive. No other gaming console can come close to what the Xbox One can achieve.

  1. Last But Not Least Multimedia

The Xbox One is multimedia paradise. Included in the Xbox One S model is the ability to play Blu-ray movies on 4k Resolution. Insane. With 8GB of Ram and a fast CPU this Xbox can be your new all in one multimedia player.

xbox one S TV capabilities

To Conclude:

Microsoft has come a long way since the original Xbox. This console is the best.

Thank you.


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