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5 Reasons to Buy an Xbox One S 1TB Gaming Console

We all know the Xbox One is clearly the best gaming console out there, however, some people still cannot understand the power of the Xbox One and its Capabilities, therefore, this article will give readers a glimpse as to why the Xbox One Gaming Console is the console to buy for sure. Halo Yes, Halo is one of the best games every created. Halo 2 has created a timeline where no other game will be as good as that game. From [...]

BlackBerry KEYone to be Delayed Until May

Even though the new Blackberry Keyone is going to be the best phone to hit the markets as of the 2017 year, the new phone is reported to be delayed directly from the C.E.O himself. According to the CEO the next available release date is somewhere in May. The new phones are said to be cost around $549. Pre-Orders are now available. A significant reason for the delay is because of the huge demand for the phone. After all, it's going to [...]

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Limited Edition 2017| Guatemala Casi Cielo Starbucks Coffee Gear

One of a kind flavor, the Casi Cielo is now available! Starbucks has now release their 2017 edition, and it's already getting excellent reviews. As the Holidays began to close, the company has focused on releasing new Starbucks coffee gear along with new food items - Sous Vide Bacon and Eggbites. they are pretty good. However, the new Guatemala coffee is worth describing, What this flavor is like is a light medium body but with a dark flavor. It's quite the interesting combination [...]

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How to Choose a Laptop Guide | Which Laptop to Buy Best for Business Computers!

It's the current year and we all know what that means, Laptops everywhere. Which also means people wondering which laptop to buy so they can to, carry such amazing portable technology. Today we will be delivering the best laptop guide, so that you will know how to choose a laptop best for business!   First Step: Pick a Foundation (Windows,Mac,Linux,Chrome) This is what the PC is built on. Most of the time you can switch from Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome. Though only a certain [...]